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In 1912 the Italian Touring Club described Ponte di Legno as the top Italian tourist and winter sports resort.
The village is located between Valle Camonica and Val di Sole, whose lands are rich in arts, history and traditions: from the rock drawings to the fortifications of the First World War that was fought on these mountains and was called "White War".
Today ruins of trenches, blockhouse and military villages are scattered about the mountains that bear witness to this past and are often the destination of trips both by foot or by mountain-bike. In the museum of the White War in Temù exhibits include many war artefacts and weapons found on the glacier Adamello. In Vione the ethnographic museum shows arts and crafts of the past. In Corteno Golgi the museum Camillo Golgi show cases medical, scientific, historical, biographical and natural-environmental issues. In Capo di Ponte you can find the Monastery of St. Salvatore, the museum of prehistoric Art and the rock drawings archeological parks that was the first Italian site entered into the list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. In Cemmo the Parish of St. Sirois the oldest church in the whole valley. In Edolo and Cedegolo the hydroelectric power plants visitor centres.
In Boario Terme the Archeopark is an interactive museum that reconstructs prehistoric settlements. In the area of Val di Sole and Trentino there is a museum of the White War in Vermiglio, many blockhouses of the first World War, the castle in Ossana that can only be visited with a guide and the the wildlife area in Pejo. In Val di Non there is the Castel Thun, the castle Buonconsiglio in Trento and the hermitage of St. Romedio. Starting from Tirano, find the UNESCO World Heritage Bernina Express with its distinctive red train.
Lake Garda and Lake Iseo are both within two hours drive.
Discover the locality even through its traditional food. Valle Camonica and Val di Sole have different gastronomic traditions: the Upper Val di Sole is famous for its speck, canederli and traditional cakes, while the typical dishes of the Upper Val Camonica are "calsù", barley soup, gnòch de la cùa, venison with polenta.
In winter time the area offers a wide range of options: 2 snowparks for snowboarder fans, snowkite school, a slope of 1000 meters for ski cross fans, snow tube runs. This fully modernised well-equipped ski area offers also cross-country-ski circuits, a wide range of routes of every type and level of difficulty.
If you don‘t like skiing you can choose other activities on the snow: a walk with snowshoes, outdoor ice –skating, ice falls, dog sledding and go karting on ice.
The youngsters can have fun in the snow in the colourful snow park called Fantaski.

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Winter / Skiing
The Adamello ski resort with its technically advanced lifts and cableways has 100 km of linked runs to take skiers to heights ranging from 1.121 m at Temù to 3000 m on the Presena Glacier through very different routes and in a constantly changing landscape. From ancient woods to wide snow expanses up to the eternal snow.
The sunny slopes of Tonale and Presena offer scope to different levels: you can find slopes for beginners and for expert skiers.
In the Adamello ski resort you will find one of the longest ski runs in Europe: from 3000 mt of Presena Glacier to 1250 mt of Pontedilegno, 11 km of great skiing and fun.
The skipass Superskirama is valid also in the area of Madonna di Campiglio, where you can admire the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Winter / Cross country skiing
Ski cross country skiers have different options: a 5 Km circuit at Passo Tonale, a 9 Km circuit in Pontedilegno, a 3 Km free circuit in Sant’Apollonia and in Vermiglio a touring route about 22 kilometre long, where all trails are linked together and can be reached with skis on your feet.
Winter / Ski Mountaineering
For ski mountaineering fans the area offers a wide range of itineraries to satisfy any taste and difficulty in deep and in powder snow amidst the captivating landscape of the Adamello-Presanella group.
Winter / Freeriding
In the Pontedilegno-Tonale area, which has some of the most exciting off-piste routes in the whole of the Alps, you can experience the magic of freeriding.
Winter / Snowboarding
The huge unspoilt spaces and the fresh snow are a real paradise for snowboarders. There are three Snowparks two at Passo Tonale and another at Presena Glacier.
Winter / Snowkiting
Snowkiting is available in Passo Tonale, thanks to a new school and modern equipment it’s possible to learn this sport safely and quickly.
This sport is suitable for anybody, safe, simple and fun for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of being towed by a kite using their own skis or snowboard.
Snowkiting takes you wherever you want, just like your own private skilift.
Winter / Snow Tubing
Snowtubing is a great way to enjoy yourself on the snow without skis.
The slope is as steep as it needs to be. Just jump onto the tyre and let yourself go: the slope and the final curve will do the rest!
Winter / Ice climbing
Around Passo Tonale and Pontedilegno you can find varied ice climbing experiences.
Winter / Snowshoes
Snowshoe walking is a wonderful, uncomplicated activity and a fantastic way to explore the snow-covered mountains. There are several possibilities in the Adamello Ski area. The most popular:event is the "Caspolada al Chiaro di Luna" in Vezza D'oglio.
Winter / Ice skating
Ice-skating is a popular and fun activity for both for children and adults. In Ponte di Legno and Passo Tonale there are ice-rinks, where skates can be hired.
Winter / Dog sledding
At Passo Tonale there is the Italian Dog Sledding School Progress under the direction of Armen Khatchikian, with its 70 Siberian dogs.
The thrill of gliding over the snow on a lightweight sledge, seemingly fragile yet extraordinarily tough, the feeling of causing no harm to the environment and the relationship with these beautiful animals: all these elements make dog sledding an unforgettable experience.
Winter / Snowmobiling
At Passo Tonale there is the opportunity to take snowmobile-tours. After the ski lifts have closed, enjoy wonderful panoramic trips along the paths and valleys (with a group leader). In the evening, you can enjoy group trips followed by candle light dinners, enjoying local delicacies and typical dishes. 
In summer time the area offers various activities : Skating rinks, indoor swimming pools, gyms, fly fishing, golf, rafting, nordic walking, kayak, hiking, walking, mountain biking, adventure park.
Summer / Mountain Biking
For mountain bikers 500 km of mountain bike trails between the Upper Valle Camonica and the Upper Valle di Sole. A network of footpaths, forest tracks, and mule tracks from the White War with circuits of varying degrees of difficulty, ranging in height from 700 to 2,600 m above sea level, passing through woods, pastures and fantastic mountain landscapes.
Summer / Classic Biking
For racing bikers there are a lot of opportunities, in Adamello resort they can find two of the most popular ascents of the Giro d’Italia: the passo Gavia and the passo Mortirolo as well as a brand new bike path that runs along the river Oglio, through meadows, woods and villages.
Summer / Trekking
Our three parks Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, Stelvio Natural Park and Adamello Park offer an extensive network of footpaths catering for every level of fitness, . which varies from 1100 meters above sea-level in the valley to 3,700 meters of the highest summits. The Footpath of the Flowers, running at a height of around 3,000 metres from Passo Castellaccio (2,963 m) to Punta di Lagoscuro (3,165 m) is one of the most well-known and best-loved alpine routes of the Upper Vallecamonica.
Summer / Walking
The resort offers many easy and difficult paths to enjoy mountains, larch, spruce and fir forests, flowering meadows, mountain pastures, lakes and small villages.
Summer / Rafting
The River Noce in Val di Sole is one of the most exciting and thrilling rafting courses in Trentino,Italy and Europe. With several rafting courses to choose from, you’re bound to find one just right for you.
Summer / Golf
Located above Pontedilegno in Valbione in the Adamello Park at an altitude of 1,500 m the Pontedilegno Golf Club is surrounded by ancient woodlands and set in an unspoilt environment; this nine-hole double tee golf course is a place where guests can experience pure nature enjoying the beauty of the environment.
Summer / Fly Fishing
The Adamello Events Centre hosts the E.U.F.F. (European Union of Fly Fishers): an international fly fishing centre. This type of fishing consists in the use of bait – or rather imitations of bait called “flies”, which are perfect copies of the shapes and colours of real insects in all their stages of development. Situated on the edge of the River Oglio among the famous parks of Adamello and Stelvio can be considered a perfect logistical point to reach the many fishing tours that the high valley offers. The E.U.F.F. offers a fishing reserve next to the premises, a small lake, equipment hire, lessons and fishing guides.
Summer / Climbing
The Valley is a paradise for rock climbing with many natural climbing walls, with something for every level, from beginners to experienced climbers offering rock climbing courses and trips for individuals or small groups. At the climbing gym in Ponte di Legno are offered climbing courses for everyone.
Summer / Swimming
Pontedilegno offers a 25 meters swimming-pool with 5 lanes. During the summer there is free access to the outdoor solarium with sun beds.
Summer / Nordic Walking
Nordic walking uses specially designed poles for a natural and rhythmical movement of the arms. Our area is one of the best places for nordic walking enthusiasts.