I Tre Soli
Our Spa has been designed to reflect the same concepts of health and well-being evident in the main house.
"I Tre Soli", our wellness centre, is a bespoke environment constructed with materials indigenous to Italy. The use of local products accentuates the uniqueness and simplicity that characterize this part of the world and the culture of the people living here. Sinuous shapes create tranquillity and peace and help to nurture a mind-body experience of magic and well-being. Where possible, we have used only natural products (stone, lime, sheep’s wool, glass and wood). Our vision was to create a pure and clean oasis for your enjoyment, devoid of any chemical contaminants. In this manner, our guests can focus on their health and well-being, without compromise.
As you make your way inside our spa, two symbols dominate this healing space: the snail and the sun. The shape of the snail is evident in the circular structure of the hammam and Kneipp walk.
This undulating path evokes the slow spiritual course that every one of us travels during the course of our existence. The spiral shape reflects ascension and the universal upward motion towards the heavens. The round cocoon-like shape, reminiscent of the womb, nurtures your body and your soul.
The sun symbol is representative of light and life. Thanks to its radiant heat, it gives energy to people, animals and plants. This nourishing warmth surrounds us and can be found in the texture of the walls and in the golden colour reflected.
The beauty and healing properties of our wellness centre are further complemented by principles of colour, aroma and music therapy. Colour therapy has been used since ancient times in rituals and for the purpose of healing. Today, it is used both as a physical and psychological therapy.Each colour has its own frequency and wavelength which is able to affect the vibrational frequencies of the cells within our body, thereby having the potential to create harmony and balance.
This soothing environment is enveloped in musical tranquillity, inviting our guests to slow their minds and bodies down and to allow for holistic healing to begin.
Our wellness area includes: Finnish sauna, hammam, multy-sensory shower, kneipp walk and relaxation area.